Why attend?

Participants will have the following benefits:

  • All participants will take an active lead in initiating and shaping the debate on creativity, innovation, competitiveness, governance, corporate social responsibility and TQM and excellence ;
  • Decision-makers from government departments and institutions, concerned with innovations, governance, corporate social responsibility and excellence, will develop strong peer networks, discuss policy issues and measurement tools for conducting quality audits ;
  • Leaders in innovations, entrepreneurship, quality management and excellence - both academics and practitioners - will create synergies for development of products, programmes and specific research agendas;
  • Practitioners and trainers will be able to discuss development of specific tools for embedding, creativity and innovation, quality and excellence in the Middle East;
  • Quality institutions and distinguished quality award governing bodies will be able to discuss their role for championing the innovations, governance and CSR issues;
  • Young researchers will have the opportunity to share their tentative research proposals and seek guidance from the experts;
  • Educationists will be able to understand the blended approach of e-learning for preparing practitioners in the field of innovations, TQM and excellence.
  • Philanthropists, community leaders and social sector professionals will be able to transfer key findings to enhance the effectiveness of social and community programmes.